28 May 2016

Via StarWars.com:

We’ve seen the movie, read the novel, and now there’s a whole new way to experience the magic of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Marvel’s six-issue adaptation, written by Chuck Wendig...

LEGO Club magazine
12 May 2016

The May/June edition of the LEGO Club magazine contains various Star Wars related pages. There is a poster for the new series The Freemaket Adventures, a maze featuring The Force Awakens, a one page Comic featuring...

26 April 2016

Via StarWars.com:

Everyone who knows me (and probably even some who don’t) knows that I’m a big fan of Princess Leia. So of course I am personally very excited for the publication of Claudia Gray’s new novel...

Photo Credit: StarWars.com
19 April 2016

Via StarWars.com:

Writer Jason Aaron reveals a deadly new (and very cool) squad coming to Marvel's flagship Star Wars title.

A new arc is coming. Marvel’s Star Wars #20 will wrap up...

16 April 2016

Via StarWars.com:

The story of what happened after the Battle of Endor continues!

Chuck Wendig’s 'Star Wars: Aftermath' kicked off a new — and essential — trilogy of novels. Picking up after the events...

Not final book cover – art by Dave Filoni
31 March 2016

Via Nerdist.com:

The Star Wars Rebels season two finale has aired, and it brought one chapter of Ahsoka’s journey to a close. Don’t worry, you won’t find spoilers for “Twilight of the Apprentice” here, just...

01 March 2016

Via ComicBookResources.com:

When "The Force Awakens" hit theaters, "Star Wars" fans didn't simply catch up with old friends; they made some new ones as well, like junk scavenger Rey, former Stormtrooper Finn,...

15 January 2016

Via USAToday.com:

Other than being the greatest pilot in the galaxy, you don’t really know Poe yet. But that's going to change this spring.

Oscar Isaac’s Resistance flyboy from Star Wars: The Force...

04 December 2015

Via StarWars.com:

Artist Clay Mann gathers Jedi, Sith, and droids good and evil for an amazing image.

Marvel’s special crossover event, Vader Down, is in full swing. The story, told in both the...


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