Lego Star Wars Celebration exclusive Detention Block Rescue set
03 April 2017

Lego has officially announced their Star Wars Celebration exclusive set. The set was inspired by Detention Block AA-23 in Star Wars: A New Hope. The set will include Luke and Han in Stormtrooper armor as they try to...

31 March 2017


UPDATE: The Hayden Christensen Autographs and Photo Ops are SOLD OUT.


Lego Lottery for exclusives at Star Wars Celebration Orlando
31 March 2017

Yesterday, Reed Pop announced the Lego Lottery for Star Wars Celebration exclusives. In order to get a Priority This lottery is entry during one of the four daily time slots to purchase their exclusives. Time slots...

Hallmark 2017 Convention exclusives
30 March 2017

Hallmark has announced their convention exclusives for their booths and the PopMinded booths. This year Hallmark and their Pop Minded brand will appear at San Diego Comic Con or Comic-con International July 20th-23rd...

28 March 2017

Via IGN:

Collectors get ready, because Star Wars Celebration is again rolling out an awesome set of pins exclusive to this year's show.

Three sets of trading pins have already been revealed as part of...

Del Rey at Star Wars Celebration Orlando
24 March 2017

Yesterday Unbound Worlds the official site for Del Rey publishing announced what will be happening at the Del Rey booth at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. The booth will have panels, Star Wars University panels,...

Funko Star Wars Celebration Orlando exclusives round 2
23 March 2017

Funko has announced their second wave of Star Wars Celebration exclusives. In this wave they announced Pop!s for Hooded Luke Skywalker, Hoth Princess Leia, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and 442nd Clone Trooper. There will be...

Del Rey Star Wars Celebration Orlando exclusive Thrawn pin
21 March 2017

Today it was announced that Del Rey will have an exclusive trading pin at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. The exclusive pin will be of Grand Admiral Thrawn and will be an extra gift when you purchase the Celebration...

Funko Lottery Live at SWCO
20 March 2017

Today Funko has announced that their Lottery for entrance into their booth at Star Wars Celebration Orlando is now live. Fans must enter their names into the Lottery in order to win a ticket with a reserved time to...


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