26 August 2017

PROVIDENCE, RI, AUGUST 26, 2017: Altered Reality Entertainment, in partnership with Schylling Toys, is excited to announce the 2017 exclusive action figure—a three-character collection of classic tin wind-up toys...

Force Friday II at Mejier
26 August 2017

In thier sneak peak of this week's ads Mejier has listed some details of how they plan to celebrate Force Friday II. Merchandise will be made available at 12:01 am Friday September 1st. They will be participating in...

Target Force Friday II
25 August 2017

Target has posted on their website that select stores will be hosting a midnight event on Force Friday II on September 1, 2017. Customers will be able to purchase The Last Jedi merchandise and receive giveaways...

24 August 2017

Via SYFY.com:

Po-Zu has added a limited-edition pair of silver high-top sneakers to its Star Wars footwear line. They may not help you blend in if you're on the run from the Empire, but sure are pretty.

Find the Force feature on the Star Wars app
24 August 2017

With Force Friday II rapidly approaching (September 1st) the Star Wars app has been updated with a Find the Force feature. If you already have the Star Wars app you can download this new feature that can be used to...

23 August 2017

Via StarWars.com:

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the First Order’s military might goes next level.

As revealed in this week’s episode of The Star Wars Show, The Last Jedi will see the debut of two deadly...

photo credit: NPR
22 August 2017

Via Variety.com:

While the “Star Wars” Han Solo film may be back on track, not everything could be saved in reshoots.

Sources tell Variety Michael K. Williams' character has been cut from the...

14 August 2017

Via EW.com:

Despite his retirement, the godfather of Star Wars still weighs in occasionally about the new films.

And George Lucas has one main area of interest: the Jedi.

Since The Last...

14 August 2017

Via BusinessInsider.com:

Netflix and Disney are in discussions on whether the streaming service will retain Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars films after 2019, Reuters reports. Netflix currently has the first and...


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