Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater vest
06 November 2016

While at his local Kmart in California Paul Y found a couple new Star Wars themed clothing items. The first item was an Imperial Deathtropper hooded sweatshirt. The second was an ugly Christmas sweater vest. 


Kmart exclusive Black Series Jyn Erso
01 November 2016

Yesterday while at Kmart I found the Black Series 6" exclusive Jyn Erso figure. The retail price was $24.99. 

Make sure to check your local Kmart. 

Happy Hunting.

Walgreen's exclusive Scarif Stormtrooper Pop
30 October 2016

While at Walgreen's this morning I saw that they had set up a Rogue One: A Star Wars story display. So far they had some Hasbro and Funko items. On the shelf was a new Funko exclusive number 156 the Scarif...

Hallmark Star Wars Christmas/holiday cards
18 October 2016

While in the seasonal section of Walmart I should say the over stock area aka Outdoor Lawn and Garden I stumbled upon two packs of Star Wars themed Christmas/holiday cards from Hallmark. This is the first time have...

Trident The Force Awakens gum containers
15 October 2016

While at Target this evening I spotted the latest Star Wars themed Trident gum containers. These ones were The Force Awakens themed and featured BB-8, Rey, and Kylo Ren. If you remember last year it was R2-D2, Yoda,...

Hot Wheels Star Wars planet vehicles
12 October 2016

While at Walmart I found a bin of the newest Star Wars Hot Wheels cars. This collection features eight different planets from the seven movies. 

1. Kamino - Rapid Transit

2. Mustafar - Fast Fish


Hot Wheels Star Wars Rebels Factory Takedown
09 October 2016

While in the toy section of my local Walmart I found the Hot Wheels Star Wars Rebels Factory Takedown play set. The set comes with an exclusive character car of Erza. This looks like another great Hot Wheels set that...

Walmart exclusive 3 3/4" Black Series Red Royal Guard
07 October 2016

While at Walmart this afternoon I found the latest 3 3/4" Black Series figures from Hasbro. The wave contains Landing, Admiral Ackbar, Ahsoka, and Red Royal Guard. It was nice to see this on the pegs. 


Rogue One display at Target
30 September 2016

Today is the official release date for Rogue One A Star Wars story merchandise dubbed Go Rogue. Stores across the world put out the latest product and displays. Last night I went to a local Toys R Us for a Midnight...


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