Star Wars masks at Target
09 September 2016

In the One Spot/Dollar section at Target they had four Star Wars themed masks. There were TFA themed and one OT. They included Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and First Order Stormtrooper. The price per mask...

Air Hogs sale at Toys R Us
06 September 2016

This week at Toys R Us there is a sale on Air Hogs vehicles.  Remote control items are 25%. Remote control terrain vehicles are $19.99. The ultimate Falcon is $69.99. The regular Falcon is $24.99.

Toys R Us SW Hasbro sale
06 September 2016

This week Toys R Us is having various sales on SW merchandise. Black Series 6" are 2 for $30. Basic figures are 2 for $14.


Star Wars Darth Vader shirt at Walmart
26 August 2016

While shopping at my local Walmart here in Central MA I found some SW themed clothes in the Men's section. The first one was a short sleeve Darth Vader shirt. The second was a long sleeve Darth Vader shirt with a...

Glad Star Wars themed lunch kits
08 August 2016

While shopping for school supplies at Walmart today I found Star Wars themed lunch kits by Glad. The 14 piece kit includes 2 mini-round containers, 2 medium square containers, and 3 small rectangle containers. The...

Disney Infinity 3.0 figure sales - Target and Best Buy
14 July 2016

This week Target and Best Buy are having a sale on the Disney Infinity 3.0 figures. The prices at Target are $7.49 for the FX figures, $6.99 for regular figures, $17.49 for two packs, and $4.99 for disks . The Best...

Walgreen's Hasbro exclusive Black Series 6" Darth Vader's Emperor's Wrath
12 April 2016

After taking an exam for my work I stopped by a Walgreen's in Rhode Island and stumbled upon the Walgreen's Hasbro Black Series exclusive Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath. This was the first time I have seen it in the...

Hot Wheels SW character cars BB-8 and Poe
22 March 2016

At Walmart this morning I found a couple new Hot Wheels Star Wars character two packs. The first set featured BB-8 and Poe the second featured Rey and a First Order Flametrooper. 

Black Series 6" Captain Phasma
20 March 2016

While at Target this morning I found some more Hasbro Black Series 6" figures. On the pegs were TFA Capt Phasma, First Order Flametrooper, Finn in First Order Stormtrooper, Han Solo, and Jango Fett. 


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