Star Wars themed Duck Tape
20 August 2015

While at the local Target yesterday I found a new roll of Star Wars themed Duck Tape. This version is white with Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Yoda, etc. It retailed for $5.99.

Wal-mart Star Wars display
11 August 2015

The past couple of days I have been to two different Wal-marts here in Central MA and each one had the new pallet displays for the figures/light sabers and Hot Wheels. The Hasbro display has Black Series 3-3/4"...

Neat-Oh! Star Wars theme storage tin
08 August 2015

One of our fans from our Facebook page Ed spotted the Star Wars...

SW LEGO section bare at local Wal-mart
01 August 2015

The other day while at a local Wal-mart here in Central MA I noticed that all the Star Wars LEGO sets were off the shelf. I figured it was due to a reorg of some sort since there were sets in different places. A few...

Droid Factory Luminara Unduli
24 July 2015

While at The Maine Mall in South Portland, Maine my son and I stopped by the go! Calendar toy & games store we found the Droid Factory series of figures. On the pegs they had Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Sun...

Hot Wheels finds Maine
21 July 2015

While at Walmart in Biddeford, Maine I found some new Hot Wheels vehicles. Found were the Star Wars character car Wicket the Ewok and the X-wing, T.I.E. Fighter, and Vulture Droid from the die cast series.

Star Wars items at Target
13 July 2015

While at Target this morning I found some new Star Wars clothing and accessories in the Men's section. They had socks featuring Darth Vader, Yoda, R2-D2, & Stormtrooper. There was also sweat pants featuring R2-D2...

Star Wars C-3PO print
09 July 2015

While at Kohl's the other day I saw three Star Wars themed prints. The themes included a Classic Star Wars poster, one featuring all six movies, and the last one had C-3PO's head done with words.

Hallmark Boba Fett grill set
04 July 2015

Today at Hallmark they had a Boba Fett themed grill set. The set includes an apron and a tong. The apron has Boba Fett on it and says "Does this apron make me look Fett?" The tongs say "Boba-Q Tongs". This would make...


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