Star Wars items at Target
13 July 2015

While at Target this morning I found some new Star Wars clothing and accessories in the Men's section. They had socks featuring Darth Vader, Yoda, R2-D2, & Stormtrooper. There was also sweat pants featuring R2-D2...

Star Wars C-3PO print
09 July 2015

While at Kohl's the other day I saw three Star Wars themed prints. The themes included a Classic Star Wars poster, one featuring all six movies, and the last one had C-3PO's head done with words.

Hallmark Boba Fett grill set
04 July 2015

Today at Hallmark they had a Boba Fett themed grill set. The set includes an apron and a tong. The apron has Boba Fett on it and says "Does this apron make me look Fett?" The tongs say "Boba-Q Tongs". This would make...

Hot Wheels Star Wars Boba Fett
28 June 2015

While up in Maine today I was able to finally hunt down the Hot Wheels Star Wars Boba Fett character car. Found him at a store called Reny's for $3.99.

Star Wars themed dental products
28 June 2015

While at in the dental aisle at Target I found some pretty cool products for the padawans. There were two different timer toothbrushes one featuring Yoda and Darth Vader that lit up to count down for a minute and the...

Star Wars character shirt
27 June 2015

Walmart has added a couple new characters to their SW shirt line. The collection now has Darth Maul and R2-D2. As reported in a previous article the line includes Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, a Stormtrooper,...

LEGO T.I.E Advanced Prototype poly bag
25 June 2015

While at in the LEGO aisle at Toys R Us I found a new poly bag. This one is for the T.I.E. Advanced Prototype from Star Wars Rebels. It is a 47 piece set and its set # is 30275. The bag retails for $3.99. The age...

Star Wars Darth Vader Pinata
19 June 2015

While at Wal-mart this morning here in Central MA I found a Darth Vader pinata in the Party section. This was the first time I have seen one of these yes I have been looking and thinking it was a matter of time...

Nintendo 3DS Star Wars carrying case
06 June 2015

Today at Wal-mart I found three Star Wars zip up Nintendo 3DS carrying cases. The cases featured Dark Side/Empire, The Light Side/Rebels, and Stormtrooper. 


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