The Last Jedi Funko's Smuggler's Bounty box
15 November 2017

There are roughly hours left (7 as of this article) to order this month's Funko's Smuggler's Bounty "mystery" box. The theme is The Last Jedi and looks like it could be a nice way to help celebrate the newest...

Disney Toy Box Star Wars figures
03 November 2017

Disney has updated their website with their new line of figures called TOYBOX. The Star Wars line will include six figures. The first three figures available are...

Walmart exclusive Funko SW movie moments - Escape Pod Landing
03 November 2017

Funko announces via their blog that there will be four (4) new Walmart exclusives coming November 18th. The latest exclusives will be part of the movie moments line and include Luke and Leia in Trash Compactor Escape...

Funko Deluxe Pop!s coming soon - Luke on Speeder Bike
02 November 2017

Funko has announced via their Blog two new Deluxe Pop!s featuring an exciting chase through the forrest of Endor. The new Pop!s will have Leia and Luke in their Endor gear on Speeder Bikes. Luke will be a Chase...

Hot Wheels Bounty Hunters collection
23 October 2017

While at Walmart I spotted the latest SW themed cars from Hot Wheels. This collection features the Bounty Hunters and includes Dengar, Boba Fett, IG-88, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, and Bossk. The cars retail for $4.97. 


Costco Funko exclusive four packs
09 October 2017

Today Funko has revealed two exclusive four packs of The Last Jedi themed Pop!s that are available at Costco stores. The first pack aka The Rebel Pop! Four includes Rey with a glow-in-the-dark lightsaber, Luke...

Hallmark Star Wars personalized ornaments - R2-D2
07 October 2017

While searching through ornaments for this weekend on Hallmark's website I found a couple of Star Wars themed ornaments that can be personalized. Last year was the first year for this and...

Funko NYCC shared exclusives to be in store at Barnes and Noble
06 October 2017

Yesterday was the start of New York Comic Con, which that Funko convention exclusives could be purchased at the convention and at various retailers and on-line. Yesterday Barnes and Noble made some of their...

Barnes and Noble Funko shared exclusives on-line
05 October 2017

If you are into Funko Pop!s and looking for the NYCC shared exclusives you will want to go to Barnes and Noble's website to order them. For Star Wars they currently have available ...


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