New York Comic Con 2017 Lottery
14 September 2017

New York Comic Con (NYCC) is coming up in 3 weeks. Which means it is time to enter the Lotteries for a seat to a panel at the Main Stage, a ticket to limited autograph sessions, and a chance to purchase ...

Funko announces NYCC SW exclusives
05 September 2017

Today Funko has announced via their Blog the Star Wars exclusives for New York Comic Con. This year's list includes: Dengar, Rogue One Jyn in Imperial Ground Crew disguise, Death Star Droid, K-2SO, Saw Gerrera with...

Funko and Target shared SDCC exclusive Bodhi Rook Pop!
20 July 2017

Target has the Funko San Diego Comic Con exclusive Pop! of Bodhi Rook is available on-line for home delivery or to store. If you are interested in this Pop! you may want to pre-order it. Make sure to visit the...

Funko Walmart exclusive Ewoks Pop! three pack
30 June 2017

Today Funko has announced to two three pack Pop! sets available this summer exclusively at Walmart. The first set available in late July will be an Ewok 3 pack featuring Teebo, Chirpa, and Logray. The second set...

Loungefly SDCC exclusive Star Wars denim backpack
30 June 2017

Loungefly (a Funko company) has announced a Star Wars themed item for one of their San Diego Comic Con exclusives. The exclusive will be a limited edition denim backpack with Star Wars patches on it. It will retail...

Funko San Diego Comic Con exclusives 1st wave
05 June 2017

Today Funko has revealed their first wave of exlcusives for San Diego Comic Con (July 20th - 23rd). The first wave featured all Star Wars related Pop!s. The list includes Bodhi Rook (from Rogue One), a Combat Assault...

Funko share exclusives for Star Wars Celebration Orlando
12 April 2017

Today Funko has announced via their Blog which retailers will have what exclusvies.

Galactic Plushies: Jabba & Salacious 2-pack

Box Lunch
Pop!: Hoth Princess Leia

Funko plush retailer exclusives Luke and Wampa
30 March 2017

Today Funko has announced their new plush 2 pack retailer exclusives. The first will be a Target exclusive featuring a Tusken Raider and a Bantha. The second will be a Game Stop exclusive featuring Luke in Hoth gear...

Funko My Moji Star Wars line
23 March 2017

Today Funko has announced on their Blog the new My Moji line featuring Star...


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