Star Wars Fan Choice Poll 2017
20 April 2017

We have concluded our Poll round for the Hasbro Star Wars Fan's Choice Vote. Without further delay the winner was Legends Ben Skywalker.
The results were as follows:
1. Ben Skywalker (legends)

Grand Admiral Thrawn figure reveal
16 April 2017

During Star Wars Celebration in Orlando the Star Wars design team revealed the much anticipated Grand Admiral Thrawn figure. For the grand reveal they had the author Timothy Zahn and Star Wars Rebels executive...

15 April 2017

Star Wars Fan Choice Vote is back

We have been invited to participant in Hasbro's Star Wars Fan Choice Vote (SWFCV for short) this year. We are going to do this in stages. First stage is give us your top...

40th Anniversary Black Series R2-D2 found
11 April 2017

Long time friend of ours Dave from TX was at his local H.E.B. grocery and found the often sold out 40th Anniversary Black Series 6" R2-D2. 

Thanks for sharing Dave it is appreciated. 

Happy Hunting...

Hasbro SWCO exclusive Black Series 6" X-wing Luke Skywalker
11 April 2017

For those going to Star Wars Celebration Orlando this week there is a new way to get the Hasbro 40th Anniversary Black Series 6" X-wing Luke Skywalker exclusive. For Thursday and Friday only there will be a separate...

Hasbro 20% off sale
06 April 2017

Hasbro is having a 20% off sale on Star Wars items. There is also an offer for free shipping on orders over $49. Use promo code ROGUEONE17 to get the 20%. Make sure to Join the Rebellion and pick up some items for...

Target Rogue One release display from Hasbro
04 April 2017

I stopped by Target to pick up Rogue One on Blu-ray with the exclusive posters this morning. While walking in they had a three sides cube display filled with some good items. The one side was filled with the newest...

Target exclusive 6" Black Series Imperial AT-ACT driver
26 March 2017

While at Target today I was able to find the exclusive 6" Black Series Imperial AT-ACT driver. The unfortunate thing is everyone had some level of damage to the package. Four of them had smashed fronts and two had...

Black Series 6" Darth Revan
25 March 2017

Hasbro's Toy Shop has made...


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