Posted by Jorge S on November 08, 2015

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Jorge S

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Michael K
Jorge S

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Rhode Island Convention Center and Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI




On Friday Nov 6th through Sunday Nov 8th the Dunkin Donut Center and Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI hosted the 4th annual Rhode Island Comic Con aka the "Biggest Show in the Smallest State." This year the convention expanded into the Dunkin Donut Center to give the attendees more to see and do. Every year this convention brings in a number of Star Wars guests and they did not disappoint this year. There were a twelve Star Wars actors in attendance. The list included Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, John Morton, Dickey Beer, David Prowse, Jerome Blake, Tim Rose, Michael Carter, Garrick Hagon, Dermot Crowley, Clive Revill, Erik Bauersfeld, and Felix Silla. There were a few cancelations such at Carrie Fisher (illness said she will attend in 2016), Caroline Blakiston, Julian Glover, and Mike Quinn. The show had numerous other actors and personalities from all genres. In attendance were actors/actress from Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Power Rangers, Spongebob Squarepants, Hellboy, SuperNatral, Star Trek TNG, etc. Some of the bigger names were Lou Ferrigno, Henry Winkler, Ron Perlman, Jason Momoa, Michael Rooker, and Orlando Jones.

For those that were into panels Saturday was your day for Star Wars related ones. The panel Under the Helmet: The men who played Boba Fett featuring Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, Dickey Beer, and John Morton got the ball rolling.  It was followed by Behind the masks and uniforms: Star Wars characters, a Q&A with David Prowse, and Introduction to ligtsabers. On Sunday there was the Meet the Legions panel featuring the 501st and Rebel Legions. 

The costuming world was well represented by the New England Garrison of the 501st, Alderaan Base of the Region Legion, The New England Brethren of Pirates, Ghostbusters of New Hampshire, and Vistor Fleet - CT V.

The show overall was a great experience. This show has grown so much over the years and we look forward to attending and covering this event for years to go. 

Costuming groups and Cosplay
Show floor

C-3PO Life-Size Bust


Po-Zu Star Wars