Posted by Jorge S on October 22, 2016

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Jorge S

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Jorge S
Mike K

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Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlborough, MA




During the weekend of Oct 21st - 23rd the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlborough, MA hosted the bi-annual New England Super Mega Fest Comic Con. This event is geared for fans of all ages to come together to celebrate the various genres of Pop Culture. There were celebrities on hand to sign autographs, vendors selling various goods to help fans complete their collections, and an amazing assembly of costuming groups and cosplayers to help energize the large crowd. 

Most con goers in New England can remember the days when the event was called Super Mega Fest and held at the Sheraton in Framingham, MA the weekend before Thanksgiving. Over the last few years the size of the show has ballooned and the organizers now moved to their new, larger location in Marlborough, but also added a second show which is held in the Spring. This was our first time in attendance at the Royal Plaza Trade Center and the improvement the larger venue makes is evident fromt the minute you enter the facility. The feel was definitely more of your typical convention with celebrities signing autographs in one area and vendors filling up the rest of the convention center. Add in some of the local costuming and prop groups such as the New England Garrison of the 501st, Alderaan Base of the Rebel Legion, and the New  England Brethren of Pirates to fill in the remaining space and the result was a mid-sized convention with something for pretty much everyone. 

Among the celebrity autographers were Ray Park (Darth Maul), Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver), Ralph Macchio and William Zabka (The Karate Kid), Meat Loaf, Davis Mazouz (Gotham), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), Jimmy Walker (Good Times) as well as wrestlers Rob Van Dam and Torrie Wilson and actress Hollie Marie Combs (Charmed).

The new location is spacious enough and gives the attendee a solid venue for a convention of this size. There was plenty of room to move around the floor and the flow of traffic seemed to go smoothly. Overall the convention seemed to go off without a hitch and it appeared a good time was had by all. I enjoyed the new location as well as getting to see old friends, and talking to new people.  

We look forward to seeing what 2017 has to offer with the Spring (April 7th-9th) and Fall (October 20th-22nd) shows.

Below you will see the vendors we visited. Make sure to check out our costuming group coverage. 

Vendors - Herofied
Vendor - Arsenal Models
3D Printing by MuckyChris
Various Vendors

C-3PO Life-Size Bust


Po-Zu Star Wars