Posted by Jorge S on April 17, 2017
Hasbro Star Wars Fan Choice Poll 2017

Hasbro has asked the various Star Wars fan sites to poll their fans to see which figure they would like to see join the return of The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" line.  

We began this on our Facebook page and got some really good responses. I can truly say we have some dedicated fans there were names I either never heard of or forgot about. Now it is your time to vote. 

Please pick your favorite character from the list below. 

For those using Chrome please click on the box on the left side of the name and then hit vote. The screen will refresh and you will get a message saying "Vote was recorded" and the choices will disappear. Chrome does not show a check mark like Fire Fox and Internet Explorer does. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

For anyone who can not cast a vote (Chrome users) can leave their vote via a comment at the bottom as well.  We want to get as many votes as possible. Votes will be added to the total before submitting to Hasbro

The Poll will be open until 2200 (10:00 PM) EST April 19th. 

Thanks again for participating and assisting us with this we great appreciate it. 

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