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Black Series 6"

Tonight Hasbro revealed the upcoming Black Series 6" figures Resistance Trooper, Snow Trooper, Villain Pilot, X-wing Pilot Astya, and General Hux all expect to released in the Fall or soon. 

Black Series 6" - Resistance Trooper Black Series 6" - Snow Trooper Black Series 6" - Villain Pilot Black Series 6" - X-wing Pilot Astya Black Series 6" - General Hux

Titanium Series

Tonight Hasbro revealed the upcoming Titanium Series vehicles of a Star Destroyer, A-wing, Imperial Shuttle, Jakku Landspeeder, Jedi Starfighter, Republic Gunship, and Sith Infiltrator. 

Titanium Series - Star Destroyer Titanium Series - A-wing Titanium Series - Imperial Shuttle Titanium Series - Jedi Starfighter Titanium Series - Republic Gunship Titanium Series - Sith Infiltrator Titanium Series - Jakku Landspeeder

Micro Machines

Micro Machines Starfighter Chase Micro Machines EPIII all star Micro Machines EPV Asteroid Chase Micro Machines Vehicle Blind bag pkg Micro Machines Vehicle Blind bag vehicles Micro Machines Vehicle Blind bag pkg Micro Machines Spark of the Rebellion Micro Machines Battle of Endor

12" series

12" series - BB-8 12" series - BB-8 12" series - Rey

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