Walgreen's exclusive Hallmark retailer ornament found - First Order Stormtrooper helmet
04 November 2017

Today CC fan Marcus was at his local Walgreen's looking for Star Wars items and found the exclusive First Order Stormtrooper helmet from the Hallmark retailer ornament line (non-Keepsake). 

We would like to...

Hallmark Star Wars personalized ornaments - R2-D2
07 October 2017

While searching through ornaments for this weekend on Hallmark's website I found a couple of Star Wars themed ornaments that can be personalized. Last year was the first year for this and...

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Praetorian Guard
04 October 2017

Hallmark has revealed its second Keepsake Ornament from The Last Jedi. The ornament joining Rey will be of a Praetorian Guard. The ornament will retail for $17.95 and will be available in November. Pre-orders can be...

Star Wars ornaments available Oct 7th and 8th
04 October 2017

This weekend (Oct 7th and 8th) there will be another Hallmark Keepsake Ornament debut for the 2017 collection. We have seen some great ornaments so far and this wave looks to have some more to add to the collection....

Hallmark Keepsake Rey from The Last Jedi ornament
04 October 2017

This weekend (Oct 7th and 8th) is another round of debuts for Hallmark's 2017 Keepsake Ornament collection. Making her debut will be in the Star Wars Keepsake Line will be Rey in her Jedi training gear. This ornament...

Hallmark itty bitty and card sets - R2-D2
03 October 2017

Hallmark has announced their newest line featuring their itty bittys and famous cards. In this new combo line they will have Marvel, Star Wars, D.C., Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, and Transformers.  In the...

itty bitty Star Wars Repositionable sticker kit
27 July 2017

Hallmark has added a new item to their website. This new item is a Star Wars them itty bitty repositionable sticker kit. This kit includes two scenes (a Millennium Falcon cockpit and Tatoonie with Sandcrawlers) and...

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament debut 7/15 and 7/16
15 July 2017

This weekend is the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments debut for their 2017 line. The Star Wars themed ornaments that will be available this weekend are Storytellers...

Hallmark Keepsake limited edition First Order Stormtrooper FN-2199
28 June 2017

In a recent flyer Hallmark has announced the limited edition Keepsake Ornaments for the Premiere Event July 15th - 23rd 2017. For Star Wars they will have the First Order Stormtrooper FN-2199 with riot gear from The...


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