Walmart exclusive Funko SW movie moments - Escape Pod Landing
03 November 2017

Funko announces via their blog that there will be four (4) new Walmart exclusives coming November 18th. The latest exclusives will be part of the movie moments line and include Luke and Leia in Trash Compactor Escape...

06 June 2017


The newest Star Wars exclusive headed to Walgreens is Clone Commander Cody! Look for him only at Walgreens mid-July.

31 May 2017

Today Funko unveiled their upcoming Pop! Deluxe! Darth Vader with TIE Fighter. The Sith Lord and his flying machine will be available exclusively at Target stores sometime in June.

16 May 2017

With registration closed for the May Smuggler's Bounty box, Funko has revealed that DROIDS will be the theme for their next box, which will ship in July. No items have been previewed yet, but Funko has released this...

Funko share exclusives for Star Wars Celebration Orlando
12 April 2017

Today Funko has announced via their Blog which retailers will have what exclusvies.

Galactic Plushies: Jabba & Salacious 2-pack

Box Lunch
Pop!: Hoth Princess Leia

Funko Star Wars Celebration Orlando exclusives round 1
21 March 2017

Today Funko has revealed the first wave of exclusives for their booth at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. The first wave includes the following Pop!s Rey with Speeder, Garindan (Empire Spy), Han Solo action pose,...

Walmart Funko Pop! Cantina 3 pack exclusive
16 January 2017

Funko has announced an upcoming Walmart Pop! exclusive three pack featuring the Cantina creatures from A New Hope. The three pack includes Greedo, Hammerhead, and Walrus man, These are in original Kenner Toy colors...

Walmart Funko Pop! ROTS 3 pack exclusive
16 January 2017

Funko has announced that Walmart will have a new Pop! exclusive 3 pack. The three pack is Revenge of the Sith themed with a Tarful, Emperor in red robe, and Utapau Clone Trooper. Thanks to our friends at...

17 November 2016


Funko has finally revealed this upcoming new product, the Hot Topic Exclusive Gold BB-8 Funko Dome!

As you saw in the previous article, Funko and Hot Topic had been teasing us with...


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